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How to Refuel
Why and what you need to eat or drink after a race or workout

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By Peggy Girgenti

Many skaters are careful about what they eat before a race or workout, but careless about what they eat after.

I used to be this way. It wasn’t until later in my skating career that I became aware of the importance of recovery nutrition.

Simply put, when we skate — or do any other physical activity — we use up the glycogen stored in our muscles as fuel. Our muscles try to refuel. Following exertion, they essentially open the door to nutrients. But the doors only stay open for a little while. After about an hour, they essentially slam shut.

So refueling quickly is essential.

Not only does it stockpile energy for your next workout, it also provides nutrients to rebuild the tissue you just ripped up.

And there's more. It's believed that proper refueling strengthens your immune system and protects you from injuries.

Fortunately, it's not hard to do.

Some athletes refuel with a regular meal, making sure it's rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. Others favor protein shakes or one or more of the recovery products on the market.

My two pre-mixed favorites are Ultragen Recovery Supplement by 1st Endurance (a favorite among cyclists) and Recoverite.

Check out what's available at your local nutrition store or learn to make your own protein shakes.

Just be sure not to neglect this important aspect of sports nutrition.

Remember, how you recover today is one of the factors that determines how well you perform tomorrow.

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Debbie RicePeggy Girgenti is one of the top master women skaters in North America. A school teacher by day, she has more than 100 career victories on inline skates. Her highlights include wins at NorthShore Inline Marathon (twice), the Long Beach Inline Marathon (six times), the Silver Strand Half Marathon (twice), the San Francisco Inline Marathon and the Chicagoland Inline Marathon. A resident of Anaheim Hills, CA, she also races indoors and twice competed in the X-Games. Now a member of the Luigino/Atom racing team, she has skated in the past for Verducci, Hyper and Bont.

Aug. 21, 2009

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