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Skater-Nurse Rolls Out Foundation for Inline Safety

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By Planet Staff
July 1, 2009


Carol Hochstein

As a nurse, Carol Hochstein often sees children in the intensive care unit with closed head injuries. As a skater, she often sees one of the causes: skaters, young and old, without helmets or other protective gear.

"No parent today lets their kid bike without a helmet," said Hochstein, a registered nurse from St. Petersburg, FL. "Yet skaters young and old are too cool to wear that helmet and proper safety equipment."

Hochstein is determined to change this.

Today, she and her financee Martin McElroy announced the creation of the Carol Jean Hochstein Foundation for Inline Safety.

The non-profit will promote inline skate safety through outreach and advertising aimed at innoculating skaters with a four-part safe-skating checklist:

Check. Wear. Watch. Warn.

The foundation's efforts will include handing out safety cards on trails and at skate events and promoting skate safety on the foundation's web site.


"The idea is just to make skaters more aware of how to protect themselves," Hochstein said. "Concepts aren’t enough. We have a plan of action. We want people to do the right thing, the smart thing."

For more information, read the foundation's roll-out announcement.









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