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Safe by Design

A guide to setting up a safe and fair finish for an inline speed skating road race

By San Diego Street Elite
Jan. 30, 2009

Why use this guide?

  1. Safety
    The main benefit of a well designed finish is the safety of the skaters and event staff.
  2. Fairness
    A well designed finish line is fair. This makes the event more enjoyable and reduces time and effort spent correcting results. A good finish line does not tempt skaters to take safety risks.
  3. Newer sport
    In the United States, inline speed skating does not have as much history with event directors as running or bicycling. This guide compiles experience from numerous races all over the world for the benefit of local event directors and skaters.
  4. Written communication
  1. Helps organize
    Written guidelines are useful in planning an event, training staff or volunteers, working with a timing company, and passing on collective wisdom as veterans move on and new people become involved.
  2. Evidence
    It’s prudent to have some kind of written documentation on file showing that safety factors that were considered when setting up the race course.

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San Diego Street Elite


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